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Job Description

Jensen Rock & Sand Inc. Aberdeen, SD location is currently hiring a full time Mechanic. Mechanic will be in charge of keeping all trucks and equipment available for use by inspecting and completing preventive maintenance. Such as oil changes, tire checks and rotations, replacing filters, etc. Keeps track of shop inventory and ordering any necessary parts. Will be expected to keep track of all paper work regarding parts and get that information to the office in a timely manner. Experience is preferred.

Benefits include Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, and 401 K Retirement Plan.

Feel free to stop by the Aberdeen office at 601 9th Ave SW and fill out an application or complete one below.

Job Type: Full-time

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As a precaution of my application for employment by Jensen Rock & Sand Inc., I agree that I will take a physical examination through a physician or laboratory testing facility designed and paid for by Jensen Rock & Sand Inc., which will include a urine screening test to determine the presence of certain drugs and/or controlled substances. I agree that the presence of one or more of these drugs or controlled substances will be sufficient cause for the company to exercise its option not to give further consideration to my application for employment or to hire me.

I do understand that I have the right to refuse to submit to a physical examination or drug screening test and that if I do refuse either, then the company will exercise its option not to give further consideration to my application for employment or to hire me.

If I accept employment, I agree that a basic condition of such employment, which I accept, is that the company has a continuing right upon grounds which to the company at the time appear to be reasonable, to require me to promptly submit to a physical examination and urine screening at company expense, to determine if I have been using drugs or other controlled substances that might affect my ability to perform my work duties in a manner that is safe for myself and my fellow employees, and the property of the company.

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